June 29, 2022
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Maharashtra police foil terrorists’ attempt to poison food and water

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The police force of the Indian state of Maharashtra has foiled the attempt of terrorists to poison food and water. The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad has booked as many as eight persons in connection with the alleged poison attempt. Among those who have been arrested, there is a minor also. The group has been radicalised by three brothers using social media pages. The police have been monitoring the activities of the social media pages of the arrested terror suspects for few days. It is the timely interference of the police officials that have averted the possibility of a huge danger.

It is alleged that the group has connection with the Islamic States handlers operate outside the country. It is said that the authorities has secured all details regarding the arrestees’ connection with the IS militants.

All arrestees have been remanded by a court that handles the case. It is needed to know from the arrestees the exact details of their plan.

From what little has been publicised about the matter, it remains clear that at the time of the arrest the arrestees have been in the preliminary stage of their mission.

The police have seized all chemicals found from where the group has been taken into their custody.


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