August 17, 2022
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Air pollution batters national capital

The air pollution is undoubtedly one of the serious issues faced by a common man who is living in any metro city across the world. Even if several environmentalist groups organised numerous campaigns educating the ill-effects of this disastrous evil, we are still unaware that how can we reduce the air pollution. It is necessary that the global powers should seriously think about this issue, and implement feasible steps to reduce the release of harmful gasses into the atmosphere. But, is it enough? Today, the Delhi authorities were forced to give a day off to the children studying in nearly one thousand and eight hundred schools in the state. It can be called as a Diwali holiday. You may wonder why we should give a Diwali holiday nearly one week after the Diwali. In the aftermath of the Diwali festival day, the state witnessed a tremendous increase in the pollution rate. Today, as per the report, the pollution rate is too high that it may badly affect our children’s health. We all know, during that festival period, we set off millions of firecrackers to celebrate our happiness. It may have complimented the pollution rate extensively. Experts opined that this is a clear proof on how each common man compliments the pollution rate. As per a report published by the UNESCO, every year nearly six lakh children mostly under age five die from diseases caused by the air pollution. Experts say that we saw how a collective effort made a huge impact in the pollution rate. Meanwhile, highlighting the importance of the individual participation, the experts remind us that we must not forget the collective effort can not only increase the pollution rate but also decrease the pollution rate.


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