June 24, 2024
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Massive fire takes around 17 lives in Delhi

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A massive fire that has broken out in the National Capital today morning has taken at least seventeen lives. More than six people have been reportedly injured in the fire. How the disaster has happened has not been found yet. The fire fighters have done their best to prevent the spread of fire.

The place in which the fire has broken out is a hotel, named Arpit Palace. It is located on the Gurudwara road in Karol Bagh in Delhi.

An investigation is on in the issue. The place in which the massive fire has broken out is a densely populated location. It is the timely interference of the fire fighters that has prevented the possibility of a great disaster.

All injured people have been admitted to hospitals. More details about their health condition is awaited.

At this moment, it remains unclear whether there is a possibility for an increase in the death toll. More details are awaited.  

Many have expressed shock. The fear of the horrible incident has not yet vacated the disaster spot. The area is at present under the complete control of the law enforcers and fire fighters.


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