June 24, 2024
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Lulu Group International to start logistics and food processing centre in Punjab’s Amritsar

Abu Dhabi-based Lulu Group International, one of the largest retailers known for its shopping malls, hypermarkets, and food processing centers, announced on May 22 its plan to establish a facility in Amritsar, Punjab. This expansion aims to bolster its logistics and food processing capabilities across India.

The new Amritsar facility is expected to enhance the variety of Indian foods available in Lulu’s hypermarkets, further promoting Indian agricultural products in global markets. Lulu Group, which already exports ₹10,000 crore worth of over 45,000 MT of agricultural and other products annually from its logistics and procurement centers across India, operates 270 retail stores in the Middle East, Far East, and Africa.

Salim MA, Director of Lulu Group, highlighted Amritsar’s vibrant business environment, particularly its thriving Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The new facility will source local products, benefiting SMEs, local farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and farmer producer organizations. Additionally, the facility will feature logistics and food processing operations for storage, processing, grading, and packing of local produce. This initiative will not only provide a dedicated market for local produce, boosting revenue for local agricultural communities and SMEs, but also create significant job opportunities in the state.

Discussions with Taranjit Sandhu have already taken place, and a team from Lulu Group will soon visit Amritsar to finalize collaborations with SMEs and other suppliers.

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