July 14, 2024
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‘Love on air’ – Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf 18 years of togetherness

The love story of Tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf was always an inspiring one for everyone. Why don’t we have a sneak peek into their healthy relationship?

Tennis stars Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf have 30 Grand Slam titles between them. They were the force couple of the game when Agassi resigned in 2006; Graf had resigned in 1999 subsequent to getting all that she needed from the game.  So, they have no second thoughts for leaving it at their best. Rather, the couple centers around their private existence with kids Jaden and Jaz now.

While they have been as one for quite a while now, wedded since 2001, things could have been very unique. Agassi, said that he preferred her for a long time before asking her out. When solicited what they thought from one another, Agassi stated, “She was a positive development for me. I was a stage off course for her probably.”

It was in 1999, when Graf resigned following a 17-year profession in the wake of winning the French Open, that their story took off. Cupid struck that late spring as they got the opportunity to invest energy with one another. Agassi had likewise won the French Open that year. “It truly clicked from that point,” said the German tennis player, who was recently hitched to entertainer Brooke Shields. Their story advanced actually rapidly with them wedding in 2001, with just their moms and witnesses present, as indicated by Honey.

Married for more than 18 years now, they are cheerful and carrying on with a basic life in spite of their unfathomable acclaim. “We have no enthusiasm for making pointless consideration and we flourish in our own condition, which is our lives overall,” Agassi, the eight-time Grand Slam victor, told the Independent. “Us and our own family, yet our companions, the individuals we find in our nearby market and making an incredible most,” he said.

Asked about his just about two-decade-long union with one of the best tennis players on the planet, Graf, who has won 22 Grand Slam titles, he stated, “This life works for us and we are extremely cheerful. I don’t think there is any genuine mystery to an upbeat marriage, yet there are some important working parts. I think you need two entire individuals that really needn’t bother with one another, regard and love each other in a way that has full order and responsibility. We are two people that have lived full lives and we don’t respond to one another, we react to each other.”

As tennis legends, they comprehend what order implies, living long stretches of their life under an exacting routine of diet, exercise, and practice, so he carries similar qualities to his own life as well. “I think very regularly, that control is lost in a marriage and that at that point overflows into an absence of regard and losing care for one another. That is when correspondences can separate. That allows you to benefit as much as possible from a wonderful open door when you meet somebody extremely uncommon throughout everyday life,” said the 49-year-old Agassi.

The previous tennis player was cited by Tennis world as saying, “It’s gratitude to her that we have been as one for 17 years. You have to locate the perfect individual.” Since retirement, the couple calls Las Vegas home, as Agassi grew up there, and that is the place their work is based at this point. The couple centers around the Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy, which was begun to give training to little youngsters, something he didn’t get an opportunity to have.


“Being a parent is my most prominent duty. Bringing up our two children is our greatest satisfaction and our greatest concern from numerous points of view. You need to settle on the correct choices, you need to do what is best for them and that changes after some time. Choices get increasingly problematic when they get more established, stresses get less however progressively exceptional. There is no response to how to raise a 17-year-old since I have just at any point had a 16-year-old so I’ll work that out one year from now,” he told the Independent.

Agassi, who was at one time a renegade and wonder in tennis, additionally shed some light on his job as a dad. He may have scaled the statures of tennis, yet parenthood is his current greatest challenge.

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