June 6, 2023
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WhatsApp Fraudster: Online fraud through whatsApp status; Police request public to be careful

Kerala Police have warned people regarding a replacement method of online financial fraud through Whatsapp status. The fraudsters offer upto Rs 500 per day through updating WhatsApp status and swindle money by obtaining checking account details.

The police issued the warning through their official Facebook page after advertisements of the frauds were widely shared through social media.When the user clicks on a link given within the WhatsApp status, they’re redirected to a single-page website.

The fraudsters have put up a billboard on the web site offering upto Rs 500, if the user’s WhatsApp statuses are viewed by a minimum of 30 people.It also states that the users only need to share advertisements of leading brands as WhatsApp statuses to earn upto Rs 10-30 per status. They also collects bank details of the people that register on this scheme and utilize an equivalent for financial frauds, the police said.

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