May 27, 2024
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Lingayat organisations seek separate religious status to the caste

The organisations working for the betterment of the Lingayat community- the prominent caste group in Karnataka- has sought a separate religious status to their caste, triggering a new controversy in the state in which the caste related issue often reflects in the political arena. The Vishwa Lingayat Mahasabha is one of the prime organisations working aggressively to secure special religious status to the Lingayat community, which is a powerful political force in the Northern region of the state. The organisation has even organised a giant rally in the region of Bidar in order to pressure the authorities to implement their demand. As per the report, in the coming days, the organisation will hold similar rallies across the state, particularly in the strongholds of the community. According to the report, the organisation is expected to organise a rally in Hubballi and Belagavi. Though several organisations working for the betterment of the community is in favour of the demand seeking a special religious status, the organisations have not yet reached a consensus on what should be the name of the new religion. As per the report, there is a difference in the opinion exist on whether it should be called as ‘Veerashaiva Dharma’ or ‘Lingayat Dharma’. The BJP and some South Karnataka based organisation are, it seems, not willing to allow the authorities to detach the Lingayat from the Hinduism. Political observers believe that the demand has nothing to do with the religion or community. They add it is a politically motivated demand.


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