February 26, 2024
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‘LG cannot delay schemes by simply sitting on it’, observes SC


Since the inauguration of the AAP-led government in the national capital, the leader, who evicted two powerful parties from Delhi, has been facing difficulty to rule the conquered land, as Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has some ambitious policies, which disturb the national parties which failed to bring any concrete changes in the lives of the people when they ruled this land.

Showing the dissatisfaction to the Delhi High Court’s observation that the Lieutenant Governor has the right to take control of all matters regarding Delhi, the Delhi supremo approached the Supreme Court of the country asking whether the LG can unilaterally rule Delhi without seeking the advice of the elected representatives of the state.

Anyway, while considering the petitions regarding the issue, the SC has orally observed that the Lieutenant Governor has no right to delay schemes and policies by simply sitting on it.

The court has added that the LGs should report the difference of opinions to the president as soon as they come across such situations.

The powers of the LG and what the respective authorities should do when they come across a difference of opinions between the LG and state government are clearly described in the Article 239AA.

As per the article, the LG should forward the matter to the president when they come across a difference of opinion. But, in some cases, the LG can use his discretion to overcome this hurdle.


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