August 7, 2020
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Learning a valueable lessom from children


We live in a world where men abuse women, and vice sera. More over the attention is given to how much abuse a woman has to endure.Abuse and anger aren’t things which know as a child, it is something which we learn from the environment in which we grow up in.

Since the Delhi rape incident many have voiced themselves against abuse of women. But it isn’t that simple to stop the abuse because there are still men who will taunt women as they walk past them. The men do not stop to think what if that girl or women was their own sister or mother. Some say that the girl’s need to dress in a more appropriate way in order to not have men taunt them, but what many do not realize is that these men who constantly tease women need to be taught to respect women from their boyhood. Watch this very touching video about how innocent children react when they are asked to slap a girl. Many men can learn by watching the reaction of these young boys.

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