May 28, 2023

Leading the world with a philanthropic soul – Dr. Naresh Kumar Aggarwal


This month, the Unique Times magazine has got a remarkable opportunity to spend some valuable time with a renowned philanthropist, Dr. Naresh Kumar Aggarwal, ask few questions about him, and publish it for our readers.

Mr Aggarwal is the International President of Lions Clubs International and one of the wealthiest business legends of our country. He says; “at age 21, he was just starting out as a young businessman in Batala, Punjab.”

He adds; “he craved a much deeper kind of success, a more meaningful achievement than just making money.” He further adds: “He wanted to change the world. He realized that he slept much better at night when he had fed people so that they could sleep peacefully.”

He strongly believes that only one association could make his dreams come true, the Lions Clubs International. 

Over the last 43 years, he has been using the framework of LCI to serve millions in our country.

On July 4th this year, Mr Aggarwal was elected to be the International President of the prestigious organisation. It gives him the opportunity to command 1.4 million volunteer members and serve over 100 million people per year through them.



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