September 23, 2021

Leading the world with a philanthropic soul – Dr. Naresh Kumar Aggarwal

My family is my life. My family began with my beautiful wife Navita, who came into my life in the same year as Lionism – 1974. Her belief in me made me believe that anything is possible.

Then, my 3 kids – Rohit, Rajneesh and Swati- are angels at heart and very wise in the mind.

They filled my adult life with priceless moments.

Now, my seven grandchildren make me feel like a child again. When I see the sparkle of their eyes, I feel that I will live forever.



  1. Why should the reader of this article become a Lion?


I am sure you are popular. But, are you respected? I am sure you have many ideas to change this country. But, can you actually make this change happen? 

A Lions Club is a group of people who will instantly give you the resources and friends to actually change your community. It also gives you the structure, if you so desire, to change the entire world. 

When you become a Lion, you join a force of 1.4 million leaders from business, government and society who proactively change the world by serving 2,73,000 people every day.




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