September 25, 2022
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Lawyer hugs young woman during video conference; Court takes stern action

The Madras High Court has taken stern action against a lawyer who allegedly impregnated a young woman in a virtual hearing case. The Madras High Court on Tuesday suspended the lawyer for appearing in court in an obscene manner. R D Santhana Krishnan’s lawyer misbehaved during a virtual hearing of a case before a single judge.

The court also banned RD Santhana Krishnan from appearing as an advocate in any court, tribunal or other place in the country. The ban will remain in place until disciplinary action is taken. The press release was issued by the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Bar Council. Judges PN Prakash and R Hemalatha came forward with self-disciplinary action against the lawyer. The court also directed the CBCID to conduct an inquiry against the lawyer and submit a report within two days.

The charges against the lawyer include contempt of court. The court also ruled that the bar council should take action against the lawyer once the report is received. On Monday, while the judge was hearing the case via video conference, the lawyer arrived at the scene with the young woman in his arms. Its video went viral. With this, the High Court took stern action.

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