May 27, 2022
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Law student, accused Chinmayanand of harassment, booked

A law student, on whose complaint political leader Chinmayanand was booked earlier, has been arrested in connection with a extortion attempt case filed by the leader against the student and three others.

She has been booked shortly after her anticipatory bail petition was rejected by the Allahabad High Court.

As per a media report, the three persons who were arrested earlier in connection with the same case has confessed their involvement in the case.

The media report says that the police authorities have collected enough evidence to prove the involvement of the arrested persons in the case filed by the politician.

The police have not yet made a clear public statement about the latest developments of the case.

Earlier, the arrest of the rightist politician made headlines in most dailies. It badly affected the image of the rightist faction.

The latest arrest is likely to make a serious impact on the sexual harassment case filed against the rightist leader by the law student.

In the compliant, the politician says that the student and her friends have tried to extort a huge sum of five crore Indian rupees.

The extortion messages sent by the arrested persons to the politician have been recovered by the police.

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