September 25, 2023
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Democrats launch impeachment enquiry into US Prez Trump

A formal impeachment enquiry has been launched against United States President Donald Trump by Democrats, saying that the US supremo has pressurised a foreign leader to tarnish the image of his political opponent.

Recently, a US daily reported that an intelligence official had reported to his senior about the unusual conversation made by the President of the United States to a foreign leader through phone. The daily also revealed that an attempt had been made to prevent the compliant from reaching the US parliament.

Though the President earlier rejected the allegation, he has later admitted the usage of his political opponent’s name in the controversial conversation.

A political observer says that the US president has tried to tarnish the image of his political rival, Joe Biden, by forcing his Ukrainian counterpart to launch an investigation into a company in which his rival and his son had stakes.

What makes the things difficult for the President is his initial attempt to conceal the truth from the eyes of the Parliament – thus from the common public.

In the coming days, the Democrats are likely to launch a severe campaign against the President using this matter across the country.

Such a campaign can badly damage the image of the President – who is already under severe pressure.

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