May 30, 2024

‘Laal Kaptaan’: Trailer of Saif Ali Khan’s next venture released

The first trailer of Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming film ‘Lal Kaptaan’ is released. The film is directed by Navdeep Singh where Saif will be seen as a Naga Sadhu, thirsting for revenge.

The trailer begins with a voice-over from Saif as he covers himself in ashes and talks about the game of life and death. “Aadmi ke paeda hote hi, kaal apne bhaise pe chal padta hai…use baapis libane (As soon as man is born, death mounts his ox and begins a journey to bring the man back),” he said, referring to Yamraj, the Hindu god of death.

We watch Saif do the same in the next few scenes. He drags a dead man behind his horse through a town, with great resolve in his eyes. Sonakshi Sinha’s voice is heard, as she reveals what the world sees him as — a man who sticks to his prey and doesn’t leave him until it is dead.

Saif’s make up and the overall look with ashes smeared across his face and thick dreadlocks falling all the way to his back looks impressive. The music is creepy and intense, matching the flavour of the violent images that unfold in front of us. In one of the sequence, Saif is seen swinging a metal chain to slice through his enemies and piercing through them with swords in another.

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