May 20, 2024
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Brazil takes stiffer action in Amazon issue

The Brazilian government, which faced serious criticism for its inaction in the Amazon forest issue, has taken serious action against those behind the fire in the region.

The government has booked as many as 63 persons in connection with the issue. A huge fine of $9.7 million has been imposed against the culprits booked in relation with in the unfortunate act so far.

Earlier, the government denied the offer made by the developed countries to fight the fire that occurred in certain regions in the Amazon forest that come under the Latin American country.

The offer was denied on the ground that the country is capable to contain the fire without the help of any external force.

Unfortunately, the rightist government which rules the country now even tried to portray the offer as an attempt to stifle the sovereignty of the country.

Actually, that attitude is what that invited the ire of the west to Brazil. The country’s inability to see the genuinely beneath the offer is what that was criticised, in reality.

Amazon is the lungs of the earth. For that reason, it is the matter of concern of the entire earth.

There are reasons to believe that the present Brazil government to an extend is the reason for the issue the forest faced recently.

The same government, which has sent its troops to the region to protest the forest recently, once kept its eyes shut towards the violations that happened in the region in the name of economic development.

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