August 3, 2021
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Kidnapped Austrian triathlete escaped her captor brilliantly

You will not believe this story. But, it is true. An Austrian triathlete, Nathalie Birli, has escaped her captor with the help of an unbelievable strategy. Under the captivity, she has managed to enter the captor’s mind by complimenting his orchard. He has fell in that trap and entered a deal with the triathlete. That deal has helped her to escape the horror. She has convicted the captor that she would not report this as abduction but as accident. Accepting the deal, the captor has driven her to her home.

The entire episode has become public when the police authorities have traced the triathlete’s cycle near the captor’s house and the lady has disclosed the fact through her social media handles.

As per the lady’s opinion, the captor was full of hate. He was angry because of his dead father, his drunkard mother and his cheating girlfriends, according to the triathlete’s post. As per her post, he tried to send that hate on her by attacking her, humiliating her, by trying to kill her.

Many in the social media have found the story unbelievable. What that confuses them is that how such a cruel man can be changed with just a compliment.

At present, the triathlete is recovering from her injuries. It is hoped that she will get well soon.

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