May 30, 2024
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Kevin honour killing case: All ten convicts awarded double life imprisonment

All ten convicts in the Kevin case – the first honour killing case that has been reported in the state in its modern history – has been awarded the severe punishment of double life imprisonment. A heavy five of Rs. 40, 000 each has also been imposed on the convicts.

A court in Kottayam recently found these people guilty in the case, accepting the argument of the prosecution that racial prejudice was the motive behind the murder of the young man.

The court deserves special appreciation for the way it has handled the case. The entire case proceedings have been completed in the record time of just over a year.

Additional punishments have also been given to some of the convicts.

Kevin was found dead near Thenmala a day after he had been kidnapped by the culprits for trying to marry one of the culprits’ sister.

A friend of Kevin was also abducted along with him. He was later released. He was one of the prime witnesses in the case.

It is hoped that the severe sentence which has been given to the culprits of the state’s first ever honour killing will prevent the repetition of this kind of unfortunate incidents in future.

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