April 21, 2021
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BJP aims to groom new leaders in Karnataka

The latest developments indicate that the saffron party aims to groom new leaders in the Indian state of Karnataka, which it wristed from the JD(S)-Congress coalition recently following a severe political tug-of-war.

B S Yediyurappa, the 76-year-old veteran leader, is at present the one who leads the BJP led government in the state.

The BJP usually does not encourage those crossed the age limit of 75 to remain in active politics under its banner.

Mr. Yediyurappa’s is a special case. What it actually exposes is the weakness of the party in the state. The Karnataka BJP at present does not have a prominent leader, other than Mr. Yediyurappa. For that reason, the party in the state still revolves around the veteran Lingayat leader.

Now, the latest government addresses the leadership question effectively. It has appointed three young deputy CMs to assist the veteran leader: a Dalit, a Vokkaliga and a Lingayat. Those won the opportunity are relatively younger than other main leaders in the party. This is definitely not accidental. Political expert says that what the BJP aims is to groom a new leadership with the support of the old guards.

A source says that though not many senior leaders are happy with the move the party receives positive response from the ground about the appointment.

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