June 14, 2024
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Kerala slowly gets back to normal


The South Indian state of Kerala, which experienced a deadly flood and several other rain-related disasters, is slowly getting back to normal.   

According to a report published by a leading national daily, so far, since August eight, as many as 223 people have been killed across the state due to the rain-related disasters such as flood and landslide.

The same media reports that at present over ten lakh people are in the relief camps set up by the state government. As per an official data, there are more than three thousand relief camps in the state. It is learned that the majority of those camps are situated in the central Kerala region, which is constituted of Ernakulam, Alappuzha, and Thrissur.

The state government announces several policies to help the people get back into their normal life. The policies of the government supported house cleaning activities and the assisted electricity and plumbing maintenance activities are the two attractive policies the generous minded state has articulated to provide immediate relief to those victims who are preparing to go back to their home, thus to their normal life, from the relief camps.

The state has partially restored the road, rain and air transport facilities in the affected regions. It is at present on their task to restore the communication and electricity facilities.      

The state has also made sure that the agricultural loans do not bother the victims who are trying to make fine their derailed lives.  

The Kerala government and central government deserve a special appreciation for the commitment they are showing to help the affected.

The state is in a crucial juncture. Let’s do everything possible to rejuvenate the God’s Own Country.

The Service to Poor and Needy is the Service to God!!!!!!!


Vignesh. S. G

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