August 17, 2022
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Kerala By Election: Score likely to be 3-2-0

The LDF has reached close to victory in at least two of the five seats, which went to polls recently.

What makes this predicted victory impressive is the political history of these two constituencies; importantly, these two constituencies are the sitting seats of the Congress party.

Konni and Vattiyoorkavu are the two constituencies where the CPM-led faction has reached close to victory.

In the rest – Manjeswaram, Aroor and Eranakulam, the Congress-led faction is leading. Of the three, Aroor is very crucial for the Congress-led faction. Actually, that is the sitting seat of the LDF. If the Congress-led faction manages to win the seat in Alappuzha, it can save its face in the face of the proposed defeat in its two main sitting seats.

Notably, the BJP is not anywhere in the picture in any of the five constituencies. Though it was expected to give a good performance in Manjeswaram (where it emerged less than one hundred votes away from the victory during the least Assembly Election), Konni (where its strongman, K Surendran, is the candidate of the party) and Vattiyoorkavu (which is considered as the stronghold of the party), it has failed to live up to that expectation.

The present by-election is of great significance as it is the least big election happens in the state prior to the upcoming Assembly Election in the year 2021.

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