June 21, 2024
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Kerala adopts progressive approach to eliminate caste barriers in ‘TDB Temples’


In a progressive step to eliminate all cast barriers existing in the temples governed by the Travancore Devaswom Board, the board, at the behest of the Kerala government which is ruled by the leftist front, has decided to adopt the cast reservation policy.

As a part of the new policy, the TDB authorities have shortlisted six SC/ST candidates to the priest post.

The community, which was once deprived of entering the temples by the upper caste community, has expressed happiness in this appreciable move.

Though the new progressive society of Kerala, which is the output of the several-decades-long cultural and social revolution, does not practise any kind of ‘casteisam’, a small sector of society has unfortunately come forward to express disagreement with this historic step.

Traditionally, the priest post is reserved to the upper cast community members. The disappointing fact is that there are some people who still believe that the priesthood is not a job and is a sacred practice so the lower cast people are not fit for the job.

Anyway, the board, which has a very clear policy on this matter, is strongly marching forward with their step.

Why those who oppose the move purposefully forget the fact that everyone is equal before the God?     


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