September 26, 2023
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Karnataka likely to implement NRC

After Assam, the Indian state of Karnataka has initiated discussions to implement the National Register of Citizens in the state.

Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the NRC process would be conducted in each and every state in the country.

Until now, only Assam has completed the process. The process has detected as many as nineteen lakh illegal migrants in the state alone.

Recently, West Bengal asserted that it would not allow the National Register of Citizens process in the state.

The information about the plan of the state of Karnataka has been publicised by its Home Minister, Basavaraj Bommai.

It seems that Karnataka is worried about the growing number of foreign migrants in some of its cities like Bengaluru.

In the recent past, many migrants have been booked in connection with serious crimes in these cities.

The move is likely to receive tough opposition in the state. At this moment, it remains unclear how the Congress and the JD(S) will react to the information publicised by the state HM.

The NRC has already become a political agenda of the rightist. Actually, it is on the political ground that the centrist parties oppose the process. In reality, many in the centrist camp are in favour of the idea preached by the rightist.

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