May 28, 2024
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Journey to the Olympic dream of an eight year old girl in Thodupuzha

There is an eight year old girl in Thodupuzha who works wonders in gymnastics. Third grader Andrea Saji learned gymnastics on her own by looking at YouTube. Andrea’s goal is the Olympics.

Andrea was fascinated while watching YouTube to change the boredom in the lockdown. Andrea now offers many exercises in gymnastics, including backband, contour and cartwheel.

Andrea, a third-grader, has a sister and an eighth-grader, Andesa, with back support. And parents Riya and Saji. Andrea also acted in Koda starring Sreejith Ravi.

The challenge for Andrea is that there are no gymnastics training centers nearby. Andrea’s goal is to train and get to the Olympics, after Covid goes out of fear.

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