July 27, 2021
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Six-year-old girl murdered in Idukki; Defendant allegedly raped the girl for 3 years

Statement that the girl was sexually abused for three years in the case of the murder of a six year old girl in Idukki Vandiperiyar. Attempts were made to destroy the evidence after the murder.

Police also found that the accused Arjun was addicted to pornographic videos. The accused will be taken to the murder scene and evidence will be taken. Police said the accused will be taken into custody and questioned again after being produced in court.

Arjun, who had good relations with the girl’s family, was free to enter their home at any time. Taking advantage of this, Arjun molested the child. On the 30th day of the incident, the father and mother of the child went to work and the accused came home and molested the child and hung her on a shawl when she lost consciousness.

The family and locals initially thought the baby had died after the shawl got stuck in his neck while he was playing. But the post-mortem proved to be murder.

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