May 30, 2024
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Japanese Woman Tweets On Holi Incident After Leaving India

During Holi celebrations on Wednesday, a Japanese woman who had been assaulted by a bunch of guys in Delhi responded to the horrible event by sending a string of tweets. In tweets that were roughly translated from Japanese, she described the situation as “unfortunate” and claimed she “participated in the festival with 35 of her friends”.

“I had heard that it was very dangerous for a woman to go out alone during the daytime at the Holi festival, an Indian festival that I participated in, so I participated in the event with a total of 35 other friends,” she said. A video of the event that quickly gained popularity on social media showed a group of males dousing the woman in colour while she looked uncomfortable. One of them was also seen cracking an egg on her head in the video. The Paharganj region is where the video was filmed.

The woman also expressed her love for India and said, “I love everything about India, I have been there many times and it is a fascinating country. India and Japan will forever be ‘Tomodachi’ (friends).”

On Thursday, the woman tweeted the video before quickly deleting it. She claimed she “removed the tweet” because she “was horrified” by the responses to the video.”On March 9, I tweeted a video of Holi, but after that, the number of RTs and DMs increased more than I had imagined, and I was terrified, so I deleted the tweet,” she tweeted in Japanese.

The police have noted the footage even though the woman has not yet made a complaint.

So far, three people, one of whom is a minor, have been held in connection with the event. According to the police, they are all locals of a neighbourhood close to Paharganj and have all admitted to being involved in the event.

“The police have promised to strengthen their crackdown, and we hope harassment against women will decrease significantly,” the woman said. The teenager checked into a motel in Paharganj before departing on Friday for Bangladesh.

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