July 17, 2024

ISRO launches its 100th satellite


The Indian Space Research Organisation has launched its 100th satellite, the Cartosat-2 Series satellite, today from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

As per the report, the performance of the aforesaid satellite in the preliminary stages has been satisfactory.

The Satish Dhawan Space Centre’s scientists, who are working in the mission, have expressed their happiness in the success of their product with loud applause after the satellite has successfully completed the complicated stages.

The images sent by the satellite will be used for several serious applications: cartographic applications, urban and rural applications, coastal land use and regulation, utility management, water distribution, creation of land-use maps, and change detection to bring out geographical and manmade features.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, the PSLV-C40, has been the launch vehicle which has been to send the Cartosat-2 satellite.

Unfortunately, the organisation’s previous launch, the launch of IRNSS-1H, was a huge failure. It happened nearly five months before the Cartosat-2’s launch.

It seems that this time the space research organisation has been more prepared to face any kind of adverse situations.

India is one of the countries which possess the wealth of technology. The country has extensively used this wealth in the satellite sector. It is the member of several prestigious International organisations which admit those countries which possess this wealth in a large amount.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright 


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