March 1, 2024
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IS radical stabs Indonesian minister

A suspected Islamic State radical has stabbed a senior Indonesian minister in Pandeglang in Banten province. The minister has suffered two serious injuries. The condition of minister is now stable. He has been shifted to an advanced hospital in the capital of the country Jakarta. The Indonesian police have booked two in connection with the case. The police have not yet ascertained whether the arrested persons have any direct connection with the International terrorist organisation. An investigation is on. The police have seized a knife and some similar weapons from the arrested persons.

It is not the first that the presence of Islamic State radicals has been reported from the region. In the past, several times, the affiliates of the terrorist organisation have carried out similar attacks in the region.

The victim of the latest attack is an ex-general. He is known for his tough attitude against radical elements like the Islamic State.

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