July 15, 2024
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Indian Student Shot While Trying to Free Ukraine’s Kyiv

An Indian student was reportedly shot at in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, Union Minister VK Singh told news agency ANI on Thursday, just days after another student was killed in Russian shelling in Kharkiv.

According to the minister, the student was attempting to flee Kyiv when he was shot. He was reportedly taken back into the city and is being treated in a hospital.”According to reports, a student leaving Kyiv was shot. He was returned to Kyiv and immediately taken to the hospital. This is happening during the fight “General (Retd) VK Singh told ANI at Rzeszow Airport in Poland.

On Tuesday, an Indian student was killed while waiting in line outside a grocery store in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. Naveen Shekharappa, 21, of Karnataka, had gone out to get some food before boarding the train out of town. The minister stated that the Centre is working hard to ensure that as many students as possible can leave Ukraine with as little loss as possible.

According to the minister, approximately 1,700 students are still awaiting evacuation from Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia last Thursday. General Singh is one of four ministers dispatched as special envoys to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to supervise the evacuation of Indians from the war-torn country. Thousands of students have attempted to flee Ukraine by finding a way to cross into countries where they can be flown back to India in evacuation flights under “Operation Ganga.”

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