June 26, 2022
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Indian Multi Narrative Movies

Multi narrative movies are always confusing to understand but at the end the movie makes us to go through a roller coaster ride. Let’s go through some of the all time best multi narrative Indian movies.

Super Deluxe

Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s delectable hotchpotch of dark comedy, drama and sheer unpredictability offers a unique cinematic experience. An unfaithful newly-wed wife, an estranged father, a priest and an angry son suddenly find themselves in the most unexpected unpleasant situations, each poised to experience their destiny, all on one fateful day.

Life in a….Metro

Life in a Metro directed by Anurag Basu was a layered narrative revolving around human relationships. Director sketches the roles of all his characters, six different stories, about nine people, each with different issues and problems, all occurring within one place: the METRO.


One of the best movies of it’s time. Each and every story of the movie shows a different aspect of every bodies life. Six couples face problems in their lives when fate forces them to move away from each other. They must overcome these issues in order to make their love successful. It highlights how interconnected we all are to those around us  even people we would consider strangers.


Malayam film Traffic directed by Rajesh Pillai is a hyperlink movie. We get small glimpses into the lives of several characters get intertwined when a girl is in urgent need of a heart transplant with the only heart donor being many miles of traffic away.

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