July 15, 2024
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Indian fisherman allegedly shot by Sri Lankan navy

In one of the latest issues related to the dangerous confrontation between the Indian fishermen and the Sri Lankan navy that regularly happens near the Indo-Sri Lankan sea border, a young Indian fisherman has been allegedly shot to death by the Lankan navy when their boat has mistakenly entered into the Lankan territory. The deceased fisherman has been identified as K Britso, a twenty-one-year-old fisherman from Thangachimadam, Rameswaram. When the firing has occurred there have been nearly six fishermen on the mechanised boat. Others have also suffered some minor injuries in the unexpected firing. It is learned that even though the Indian Coast Guard could not locate the spot of the firing initially, it has rushed to the spot as soon as it got information regarding the issue. As per the latest report, the local people have organised a protest by shouting slogans against the Lankan navy and the central government to express their strong disapproval over the inefficiency of the central government to mark a feasible deal with the Sri Lankan government in order to avoid these kinds of catastrophic situations. The relatives of the deceased youngster have refused to accept the body, demanding a feasible solution to the issue. In the recent past, several Tamil Nadu fishermen have faced the bitterness of the Lankan navy’s brutality over the similar issue. It is a long-standing demand that the Indian government should warn the Sri Lankan government it should not attack the Indian fishermen unless and until the fishermen have taken any provocative attack. The DMK leader, M K Stalin, has strongly condemned the attack over the Indian fisherman.


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