May 29, 2024

Indian-American IT professionals and his family found dead in the US

An Indian-American Information Technology professional and his family, consisting of his wife and two children, have been found dead in the US state of Iowa.

As per the initial assumption shared by the concerned police authorities in the state, the family members of the IT professional have been killed by the man itself. According to the same, the manner of death for the IT professional is suicide.

From the information shared by the police authorities, it can be assumed that the man has killed his family and killed himself shortly after he has committed the brutal act.

As per a media report, all four deaths have been caused by the bullet injures they have sustained.

The police have launched an investigation into the matter. They have already done several field visits and several personal interviews. They are preparing to talk to those close to the family.

It remains unclear what has prompted the man to go this far. The police have also not spoken anything about this part yet.

Fortunately, four others who live in the property of the family have been found unharmed by the authorities.

Iowa is a less crime-prone place in the US, compared to other places in the country.

The incident has sent shock waves across the region.

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