August 5, 2021
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India celebrates Independence Day Today

The world’s largest democratic country of India is celebrating its seventy third Independence Day Today. As part of the celebration, parades have taken place in several locations across the country.

On this special day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. He has made many big announcements Today. The creation of the post of the Chief of Defence Force is the most prominent among them. He has explained his government’s controversial moves like the removal of Triple Talaq and the cancellation of Article 370.

Another important subject that has found place in the speech is the subject of population explosion. He, in his speech, has made a strong pitch for the process of population control.

Notably, the PM has not said anything about Pakistan in his speech even though he has mentioned about Sri Lankan and Bangladesh.

The speech was more like the presentation of the report card of the NDA second, which has successfully completed more than two months in office without much difficulty.

India is in a developing stage. It has moved several miles past the point from where it started its journey in the year 1947. It has successfully defeated many odds like poverty and lack of proper education and health infrastructure. It is hoped that within few years the country will become the most power country in Asia in terms of economy as well as defence capability. Its strength is its people, who are always willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the progress of their nation. There is no doubt that once day this nation will lead the world.

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