July 15, 2024
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“In Maa, I’ve Always Felt…”: PM Modi’s Moving Tribute To His Mother

Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a moving tribute to his mother Heeraben Modi who died in the early hours of Friday at the age of 99. “A glorious century rests at the feet of God… In Maa I have always felt that trinity, which contains the journey of an ascetic, the symbol of a selfless Karmayogi and a life committed to values,” the Prime Minister tweeted this morning informing his mother’s death.

Also included was a picture of his mother. She was admitted on Tuesday night to the UN Mehta Heart Hospital in Ahmedabad, where she passed away at 3.30 am, according to a statement. Gandhinagar will receive the body of the woman.

According to sources, PM Modi has left for Ahmedabad and may join the official events he was supposed to attend via video conference.

Heeraben formerly resided in Raysan village, close to Gandhinagar, with Pankaj Modi, the Prime Minister’s younger brother. During the majority of his journeys to Gujarat, PM Modi used to pay her a visit.

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