April 13, 2024



The Ignis feels light and nimble around town. The steering is light and placing the car exactly where you want it, is easy. High-speed stability is good too. The relatively thin tyres however, limit cornering speeds; but it doesn’t feel top heavy as its looks might suggest. It is not as composed in a corner as a Swift, but feels much nimbler in the twisties, thanks to a weight saving of over 100 kilos. The ride is soft for most part, but the suspension thuds over speed bumps and potholes. Braking is adequate, but wider tyres would have reduced stopping distances massively and made the steering feel nicer overall.


The Ignis has a lot going for it- the funky looks, automatic transmission options, the practical size, the tall seating position, loads of equipment etc. It is also the only hatchback to offer a diesel automatic in the country right now. But there is a catch when buying an automatic variant. As of now, you can’t get it in top spec Alpha version which means you will have to give up the LED headlamps, the touch screen audio system, the automatic climate control, the seat height adjust etc. So it is either the AMT or all these, which is a stupid move from Maruti really. Then there is the pricing which is too close to the Baleno. Choosing between the two might be harder than you thought.





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