March 3, 2024
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Hyderabad Boy Tortured With Chilli Powder On Private Parts For “Stealing”

In Hyderabad, a 10-year-old child was stripped and subjected to chilly powder torture on his privates as punishment for allegedly robbing a neighbor’s shop of a soft drink. Krishna, the store’s owner, has been detained and accused.

On Monday evening, the child’s mother reported the incident to the police in Hyderabad. She claimed that a neighbourhood store owner had brought her kid to the terrace of his house, stripped him nude, and then beat him after sprinkling chilli powder on his body. The youngster can be seen in a terrible video writhing in agony while sitting on the neighbor’s patio naked and bound with nylon rope. He weeps and pleads.

The youngster is seen massaging areas of his body that are burning from the chilly powder, and it appears that his eyes suffer. Even though the boy begs and appears to accept some of what he is accused of, a man is heard threatening him, purportedly for stealing. The boy’s uncle said that he was intimidated and hit with a pipe.

“Why couldn’t he have informed us or shown us CCTV footage that the boy was stealing from his shop? How can he take him away to his house and beat him up like this,” said the uncle, furious.

The boy’s mother said he had been falsely blamed, that he may have just “touched or moved” a soft drink bottle.

According to police officer Saida Babu, the shopkeeper intended to intimidate the youngster into giving up thieving, as reported by NDTV. The man claimed the kid stole from his store frequently.

The 30-year-old store owner is accused of criminal intimidation, unlawful imprisonment, and “voluntarily causing pain.”

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