March 1, 2024
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Tamil Nadu Teacher Hits Child On Head With Stick Over Math Question

Action is being taken against the teacher after a video of a child being hit with a stick and verbally harassed at a government school in the Cuddalore region of Tamil Nadu went viral.

The 6.38-minute video, which NDTV was unable to independently verify, depicts a lady, who appears to be a teacher, striking the youngster with a stick at least five times while he struggles to complete addition and subtraction problems on his head and knuckles.

As the boy struggles with the sum on his slate, she can also be heard calling him a “ox” and telling him to “get lost.” He is joined by a female, two boys, and three girls.

The undated video appears to have been shot through a window and a door from a hallway outside the classroom. It depicts a different small group of kids sat in the same classroom with a woman, who is likewise thought to be a teacher.

The District Education Officer responded to NDTV’s inquiry by saying, “We are reviewing the footage. There is no usual class because exams for the half-year are taking place. The officer assigned to the block is running there. We’ll respond to you soon.”

The police are aware. “No complaints have been filed with us as of yet. Based on the video, we wrote a basic journal entry. The district’s top education official has also been tasked with conducting an investigation, according to Superintendent of Police S Sakthi Ganesan.

Unverified sources state that the video was shot this morning at a public elementary school close to Chidambaram. In 2007, the state’s government explicitly outlawed using physical or corporal punishment.

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