February 24, 2024
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Hong Kong chief to withdraw controversial bill completely

Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam, who is the supporter of the China’s domination over the ex-British colony, has decided to completely withdraw the controversial bill, which aims to make easier the deportation of criminal suspects from the city to the Chinese mainland, in a bid to end the months-long protest, which has almost paralysed the city completely disturbing all in the region including the business conglomerates based in this part of the world.

The decision has come at the time many business houses express their reservation over the continuing shutdown in the city.

The complete withdrawal of the controversial bill is one of the main demands of the protesters.

Earlier, the bill was shelved temporally due to protest. The protesters continued the protest even after that.

Gradually, several other demands have formed out of that. The protest started as a protest against an unacceptable bill has soon turned into a protest for greater freedom.

The attempt of the Hong Kong administration to suppress the protest through force has only helped to contribute another item in the list of demand. The protesters have demanded an independent investigation into the atrocities committed against them by the Hong Kong police.

Given these developments, the chances for the settlement of the issue with this late declaration by the Hong Kong administration are very feeble.

Recently, a leaked audio clip, in which the Hong Kong leader is heard saying she will resign if she can, was dismissed by the protesters as a crooked attempt by the ruling to regain the support of the people of the city.

The same can happen to the latest also. Clearly, the present regime in Hong Kong has lost the trust of the people of the state. Many see the regime as a tool used by the China mainland to encroach upon the rights of the people of the city, which shares a different social-economic-political culture than that of its present master China to which it was handed over by its old master Briton. The regime needs to do more to regain trust.

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