November 30, 2023
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Hijab controversy in Karnataka; Congress says the government is destroying the future of girls

Rahul Gandhi points out that girls are being denied access to a good education in the name of hijab. Rahul Gandhi accused the government of destroying the future of girls.

The future of girls in India is being robbed by denying education to those who wear the hijab. Goddess Saraswati imparts knowledge to all. Rahul tweeted that it does not discriminate. However, the Karnataka Home Minister said that schools are not a place to practice religion.

The Karnataka Chief Minister said that only uniforms prescribed by the Education Department will be allowed. The Karnataka BJP has said that Rahul Gandhi is a danger to India’s future. The High Court on Monday will hear petitions against the ban on hijab in schools and colleges. The government has directed the school authorities to maintain the status quo till the High Court orders.

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