June 7, 2023
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Here’s why the ‘Land kare de bhai’ meme guys recreated Alia Bhatt’s paragliding video.

While internet fame is fleeting, becoming immortalised through memes is difficult to shake. The ‘paragliding guy’ ought to be aware. The man behind the viral ‘Bhai land kara de’ meme is back, and this time he’s bringing Alia Bhatt along for the ride.

In 2019, Vipin Sahu became an internet sensation after a video of his first paragliding experience went viral, in which he was terrified to fly. He became an internet celebrity overnight after a video of him begging the instructor to make it land went viral. He took another swipe at it, this time in the same pale green shirt, with Bhatt filling in for the instructor.

Sahu is heard saying similar lines from his original video while holding a selfie stick while recreating his epic video. “Chaaro taraf kohra hi kohra, main pagal tha jo isme aaya,” he is heard saying while hyperventilating, “There is fog all around, I’m crazy that I came here.” “Bhai, I don’t want a long ride, 500 zyaada le le bhai, please make me land,” he continues.

And, similar to how the instructor tried to calm him down by talking in the previous video, Bhatt does the same here by offering him a bar of chocolate. The video is actually a Cadbury Perk commercial. The rest of the ride is then shown him relaxing while munching on the wafer chocolate.

“Who said a meme couldn’t reach new heights?” Who says a meme only lasts 1 to 2 months? He captioned the photo, “Breaking all the bakwaas stereotypes and shooting with @aliaabhatt.” He expressed his gratitude to the brand and stated that he “almost lived a dream life with shooting” with the Gangubai Kathiawadi star.

He was also nervous on set during the first shot because he couldn’t “imagine that one day we both will sit together and have chit chat.” For the uninitiated, Sahu aced his second attempt at paragliding after spectacularly failing his first attempt. He shared a video titled paragliding 2.0 in 2021, in which he was seen flying calmly over the picturesque mountains of Bir while sipping tea mid-air.

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