February 23, 2024
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Greece debt crisis

unique times-greece crisis

unique times-greece crisis

The European leaders are looking forward to put their efforts to reach a deal over the Greek debt crisis. Francois Hollande, the French President has given his remark on this saying that everything must be done in order to keep Greece in the Eurozone. And the Prime Minister has set out new proposals in a bid so to prevent a default on a 1.6 billion euro IMF loan. It is reported that Greece must repay the loan within the end of June or must risk the loss by single currency. Martin Selmayr, the head of the European Commission president cabinet has stated that the latest proposal of Greece had been received by the country’s creditors. And he is also stated that it marks up a good basis for progress. The deadline given to Greece to repay the loan given to it is on 30 June as reported. The Greece banks are expected to open up as normal from Monday following the ECB loan.



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