April 24, 2024
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Govt tries to bring FCRA license holders under control, make them accountable

Despite the central government’s persistent efforts to make the Non-Governmental Organisations, which hold the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act license, accountable, some FCRA licence holders still evade authority’s scrutiny. As many as six thousand NGOs have shown no enthusiasm to file the annual records even though the authorities have given a strict order to do so. The shocking fact is that many of them have been evading the official scrutiny for last five consecutive years. Only those NGOs which hold the FCRA licence have the power to accept the foreign contributions. There have been allegations that some NGOs are using these funds for the anti-national activities. The central government’ decision to bring those NGOs under the official control has come in the wake of such criticisms. Some views it as the BJP led government’s tactics to bring all organisations working for the people under the clutches of the saffron regime. Anyway, there is no dispute over the policy that the authorities must weed out all organisations working against the interest of the nation. As per the report, the authorities have served show cause notice to the defaulters, asking them why the proposed action should not be taken against them. The defaulters are expected to get nearly fifteen day time to file their explanation. If they do not file the explanation within the given time, the strict action might be taken against them.


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