June 22, 2024
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Govt to eradicate malaria within fifteen years


Focusing to uplift the health security of the people, the Central Health Ministry on last day declared that the department would eliminate malaria disease from the country by 2030. Reports say that this is the first time that the health department is introducing a time-bound plan for eradicating a disease. As per the data published in a British journal, around fifty thousand malaria-affected-death cases were reported every year in our country. In contrary to the international data, our health department’s report shows an entirely different statistics. However, the difference in the data raises speculations on the authenticity of the data that is collected by the Indian authorities. Experts claim that heath survey teams often omit the cases that are reported in the privet hospitals while formulating a final data. The improper data could turn into a biggest hindrance when we plan to execute a systematic plan, experts added. According to World Health Organization, Malaria is a fatal disease, which is transmitted to human beings through the bite of an infected female mosquito. With the proper heath case, we can easily overcome the fatality-threat of the disease. It is curable, and even preventable. While speaking at a press conference, Dr. Neena Valecha revels that the government had recently drafted a prefect plan to eliminate malaria. She admits that the proper statistics of the disease is not available in the health departments because the cases that are reporting in the privet hospitals are often omitted by the health survey authority. She asserts that the department is extremely committed to improve the ground level data-collection. If we are dedicated to eliminate the disease and have the proper medical assistance, we can easily attain our goal, she added. Reports say that some technically improved states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat would attain the goal with in few years. In a written statement released by the health department, it indicates that the department would follow a step-by-step process.


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