July 18, 2024

Sweden : The land of midnight sun – Unique Times

Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries. It is blessed with the mesmerizing lakes, green forests, perfect beaches, and many more. The country is not a usual tourist option. The expensive journey will keep a middle class traveller away from this dream land. The natural beauty and the world’s most finest air will be best thing that this land can offer you. The journey will provide some unexpected cultural shocks to those people who are hailing from a narrow society. The midnight sun is the most astonishing thing that we can see in this country.

Even though the country is twice as big as the Great Britain, it is less populated. Even if we calculate the total population of the country, it will only reach some were near nine million.
The people in this land are really friendly, and their liberal attitude will even attract you towards their way of life. Sweden is a kind of welfare state. The country is providing extreme care to their citizens. From the welfare schemas to health police, they provide best available facilities to the country’s citizens. Though it is not a wealth nation, it’s per capital income is really high. The Social Democrats is enjoying an uninterrupted domination in the country for the last forty years. It seems that the Swedes trust the Social Democrats government more than any other party.
Swedes are widely acclaimed as most honest, liberal and straight talking people. Friendship with those folks will be worthy.

Most of the Swedes live in the southern region. The north is a vast land of isolated and uncivilised region.
The cities in Sweden are not as big as other cities in Europe; it certainly won’t fit into the European standards.Stockholm is the most beautiful city in the region. It has some finest museums, buildings that are constructed in medieval architecture style, and crystal clear lakes. The city offers most fabulous night life; you will love the city, and even admire their culture.
Gothenburg is a worthy to visit city. The city is having the friendliest people in the country. You must get to taste some typical old-Sweden dishes here. The perfect medieval architecture of this city will astonish you. The country has numerous lakes and rivers; you could enjoy a perfect river-rafting trip through the crystal clear water. The south- ern rivers will be perfect for the trip.
Dalarna is a beautiful village, which is located in the centre region of the country. It is having splendid greenery and beautiful hills. It is home to the most beautiful lake in Sweden, Lake Sijian. If you are lucky, you can see wolves and reindeer here.
Bothnian coast is a perfect place to take a brief break. You could stay in the region, and you can explore Sundsvall Umea and Lulea, two biggest city of the country.
If you want to experience midnight sun and Icehotels, you must get into the article circle. This region is the land of Sami, Sweden’s indigenous folks. The region is commonly known as Swedish Lapland. You will see reindeer, bears, and elk here. The beautiful fast-running rivers and mind-blowing forests are the main attraction of the region.
The summer season is the perfect time to visit the country and it starts from early-May and ends at mid- September.
Visiting the country in the winter season will be the worst option because during that season the country’s tem- perature would even fall under -30 Celsius.
Snow mobiling in Lapland, river-rafting in Kalaralven river, swimming in the crystal clear water, midnight sun in northern Sweden, classic dishes of smorgasbord, Jokkmokk market, Fatmomakke village, Fustenberg picture galleries, icehotels, Gammelstad, trains in Inlandsbanan, and Vasa warship in Stokholm harbour will reside in the inner heart as the most cherishing travel memory.
If you can enjoy nature and its beauty, a journey to Sweden will be an unforgettable experience.


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