November 30, 2023
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Govt to bring in experts at Joint Secretary levels to strengthen bureaucracy


In a bid to strengthen the Indian bureaucracy, the central government led by the BJP led NDA alliance has decided to bring in experts at the joint secretary levels to strengthen the bureaucracy.

A notification regarding this has already released in all mainstream media platforms. Though the notification has triggered a national wide debate with several bureaucrats, media outlets and opposition leaders openly criticising the move, the public policy experts have welcomed the move as an intelligent strategy to professionalise the Indian bureaucracy.

At this stage, the applications have been invited for nearly ten key joint secretary posts pertaining to different important ministries such as revenue, finance, economic affairs, agriculture and cooperation, commerce and civil aviation, highway and shipping, and environment and climate change.    

In the near future, more positions are expected to be filled by the government in this manner in order to make the bureaucracy of the country more efficient.

The post of joint secretary is very important in the bureaucracy. Those holding the post play a key role in the policy formulation as well as in the policy implementation.

Anyway, there are some allegations that the government’s new move is aimed at undermining the reservation system and appointing those supporting the ruling government’s thoughts in the key posts.

Can the new move make any significant changes on the way the bureaucracy functions?


Vignesh. S. G

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