July 9, 2020
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Govt set to amend the MWPSC Act


Observing that the laws dealing with the ‘obligation of the children to pay maintenance amount to their parents’ is not up to the mark, the Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry, after the meeting convened by the ministry to discuss this issue with other major stakeholders like senior citizen associations, central ministries, state government, and the National Law Commission, has sought to remove the cap of around ten thousand rupees on the parent maintenance charge. At present, the MWPSC act stipulates that the legal heirs should pay maintenance charge to the parents, and the maximum amount to be paid by the legal heirs to their parents is below ten thousand rupees.

The members who attend the meeting have observed that the amount allowed is not enough considering the present ‘cost of living’. In addition to that, the members have also identified that there is a serious need to rate the old age homes in respect of the quality of service provided by them to the customers. Experts say that an effort to consider the elderly people’s grievances is worth appreciable. It is the need of the time as in the recent past we have heard lots of stories in which the elderly people have been ditched by the legal heirs after taking their wealth, experts added. It is unfortunate that the government has been forced to articulate a law in order to force the people to take care of their own parents.





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