April 16, 2024
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Despite election failure, still congress loves to pay heed to Prashant’s advises

After the 2014 general election, Prashant Kishor, the present poll strategist of congress, is a celebrity election consultant of the country where this practice of appointing a poll adviser was an unusual step till the last parliament election. But, in the last month’s assembly elections, the strategies of this celebrity consultant had not worked well. So, many inside the party structure of congress have reportedly recommended the dismissal of this man. However, the latest developments show that the congress is not ready to detach this man from their poll strategy committee, which designs the election strategy and working pattern of the organisation in the election times. The reason to retail him in the prestigious position is that it is evaluated his strategy of highlighting Captain Amarinder Singh and designing poll campaigns centred at the candidate’s charisma has worked well and gifted an impressive victory in Punjab with a record number of seats. Citing that the party’s structure is very weak in UP compared to Punjab, it is identified that he is not the only reason for the party’s bad performance in the UP assembly elections. Considering this political development, it is said that Prashant Kishor will be the party’s poll adviser in the upcoming elections also in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Anyway, still a question rests unattended: is it fair to use a poll adviser, who has no commitment to the party and the public, in the democratic elections of our country.


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