February 24, 2024

From red flags to the red carpet – the changing business landscape in Kerala – RAJESH NAIR


These changes are expected to create not only new opportunities for existing players but also new avenues for potential entrepreneurs. This demand paves the way for the birth of the ‘agripreneur’ in Kerala.

The Agripreneur is a newly coined management noun referring to a new breed of young entrepreneurs combining their love of farming and agriculture with an ‘acquired professional business approach’.

While the business reasons may vary and also perhaps seem similar to every other sector, agriculture has increased significance because of the target category. Agripreneurs are essential to bring


  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment to rural areas
  • Inclusiveness and focus on women


Entrepreneurship and self-employment to rural areas


Due to the rising literacy levels and the urban influence, the youth in Kerala are increasing shying away from agriculture. This has led underuse of land resources and the low labour productivity due to the limited and slow adoption of technology and the inadequate support infrastructure in terms of transportation, warehousing and credit facilities, which impact the production levels and the extent of wastages in production.


Inclusiveness and focus on women


With the increasing focus on the kitchen gardens and intelligent use of space, agriculture is a high potential sector to bring women into the folds of entrepreneurship. With their active participation, agriculture can emerge with the success footprint similar to the IT industry in India, where industry experts comment that the ability to engage so many educated women who were otherwise confined to child and elder care could actively contribute to the economy. In the year 2014, being the year of the kitchen garden, housewives can venture into cultivation of vegetables in their terrace and backyard.



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