February 23, 2024

From red flags to the red carpet – the changing business landscape in Kerala – RAJESH NAIR


Kerala has a few highly acclaimed companies in this space; to name a few:-

  • Terumo Penpol– has the largest blood transfusion products factory in the world. it is located in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.
  • Agappe Diagnostics– India’s largest In vitro diagnostics equipment manufacturing company. It is situated in Pattimattom, near Kochi.
  • Dentcare– Perhaps, it is Asia’s largest dental implant manufacturer with a state of the art facility in Muvattupuzha , on the outskirts of Kochi
  • Dynamic Technomedicals– one of India’s largestortho-soft products (crepe bandages) manufacturing company. It is located at Aluva, again near Kochi.
  • Scigenom– A genomics research company, which hived off two of its departments – Medgenome and Agrigenome– that do marquee research in the space medical applications and agriculture genomics research.It is based in Kochi.

At times, you are amazed at how Kerala has managed to keep these successes as a secret. But to understand them, one just needs to look at some interesting other parameters. Kerala has among highest density of research institutions in this part of the world. It produces more PhDs than developed countries. There is value for high content research jobs and attrition rates are much lower than many other research hotspots. The day is coming where we will have a ‘RESEARCH IN KERALA’ campaign!

An area of concern is agriculture.

There are key lifestyle changes in Kerala which will result in a transition of the consumer’s consumption patterns.

  • An increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and obesity resulting in a demand for healthy products.
  • Technological changes in agriculture which have helped in the state of the art practices like vertical agriculture, precision agriculture, hydropony, polyhouses etc.
  • Increased consumer awareness driven by the media and celebrity chefs promoting new cuisines and product categories across urban and rural Kerala




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