August 3, 2021


She is a tourist from Australia. Looking at television advertisements, Ms Sophia visited the big and reputed jewellery show room. She did not know of the catastrophe in store for her. Inside the glamorous jewellery show room, she was invited to get her ears pierced. The young woman naturally was persuaded. She got her ears pierced in the glitterous jewellery show room. Disastrously she contracted perichondritis. An ear disease, also called ‘cauliflower ear’. The young woman had a permanent cosmetic damage on the ear. All doctors and hospitals who worked on her could only pump her with over three types of antibiotics. But none could give her solace for trauma of mind. Nor could she get any relief from jeweler. She had to leave country in three weeks’ time. That was her vacation gone in misery. Consumer action committee could only blame Sophia. Because innocent Sophia could not maintain all five documents that proved her visit to jewellery. Well, all should know that “all that glitters is not gold”.

Mr Sundharan is at a far flung place, but his phone charger was lost. He purchased for substantial cost, a new phone charger. But same day itself, the electric connection began tripping, every time he charged the phone. Wire and adaptor were faulty. It had short circuited. But vendor was stubborn and adamant. Vendor, verbally abused Mr.Sundharan and claimed, the fault was voltage surge in room. So no replacement!



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